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Cocktail Brain Tumor

Ingredients for making the Brain Tumor Cocktail

  1. Peach Liqueur (or Martini) 30 ml.
  2. Liquor Bailey 10 ml.
  3. Grenadine Syrup (or Cowberry Syrup) 15 ml.
  4. Vodka 5-10 ml
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 1 serving


Cocktail glass, measuring glass (jigger), Sweetie (Chupa-chups), Straw for cocktail

Making a Brain Tumor Cocktail:

Step 1: Prepare the Brain Tumor Cocktail.

Despite the killer name, the cocktail is very tasty and enjoyable. So, the cocktail should turn out in layers. Therefore, the first thing we pour in a special glass for a cocktail is peach liquor about 3/4. Then, gently, using the Chupa Chups candy, pour the Bailey's liqueur into a thin stream. In this case, the following reaction should occur: the liquor should lie on a peach liquor. If you didn’t succeed, you have to start from the beginning (maybe you poured liquor very quickly). Next we pour the Grenadine syrup, which will add a little bloody color to the cocktail and partially lower Bailey's liquor to the bottom, thus imitating the “brain”. And finally, at the end, gently pour a layer of vodka from above.

Step 2: Serve the Brain Tumor cocktail.

The cocktail is ready. Drink it correctly with a straw from the bottom. If you drink it directly from the glass, it turns out not so tasty. Bon Appetit!

Recipe Tips:

- - In the bars for the preparation of this cocktail use Triple Sec Liqueur (this is an orange liqueur); grenadine pomegranate liquor; peach liquor; vodka and baileys. As you can see, I replaced the ingredients a little, but only because I did not find the orange liquor.

- - If you cook according to a bar recipe, then it is a little more complicated: the first is pouring orange liquor; then pomegranate liqueur is poured in one drop (it should sink to the bottom, and a clear border appears between the liqueurs); then vodka is poured over one teaspoon and again the border between liquors and vodka should be visible; and finally, pour Bailey's liqueur into the bottle cap and use the straw to collect the liquor, hold the end of the straw with your finger, lower it under the vodka layer and drop the liquor dropwise. It should get a characteristic granulation. In this case, Belize should lie between a layer of vodka and orange liquor.

- - As you may have noticed, the process of preparing a cocktail is very complicated if you repeat the bar recipe.