Polish pickle

Polish ingredients for cooking pickle

  1. Beef broth (with brisket) 2 l
  2. 2-3 potatoes
  3. Carrot 1 pc
  4. Pickled Cucumber 4 pcs
  5. Wheat flour 1 tbsp with a hill
  6. Sour cream 25% 5-6 tbsp
  7. Onion 1 pc
  8. Cucumber pickle 250 ml
  9. Butter 10 gr
  10. Dill or parsley 200 g
  11. Bay leaf - 3-4 pcs to taste
  12. Salt and pepper to taste to taste
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World CuisinePolish Cuisine


2.5 L saucepan, Cooker, Skimmer, Coarse grater, Frying pan, Measuring cup, Deep bowl, Flat plate, Knife, Whisk, Vegetable cutting board

Cooking pickle in Polish:

Step 1: prepare the broth.

We put the pre-cooked beef broth on a small fire and, while the broth is heated, we prepare the vegetables. If you have not pulled the meat, it is better to do it now. Then it will be hot - you won’t cut it. First clean potatoes and cut it into cubes about 3x3 centimeters. When the broth has warmed up enough, drop the potatoes into it and get to the meat. It must also be cut into cubes. We throw washed laurel leaves into the broth with potatoes.

Step 2: "filling" the pickle.

While boiling potatoes, you need to have time to prepare the main part of the broth. Meat, cut into cubes, spread on a preheated pan and fry over low heat. At this time, chop the onion finely and finely and rub the carrots. Add in the pan to the meat, add the fire and continue to fry until carrots with onions Do not brown. Now we carry cucumbers on a grater on a flat plate. We check the potatoes in the broth with a fork - it passes tightly, but the potatoes are almost cooked, pour grated cucumbers into the broth. Then fried meat with carrots and onions. AND pour 250 ml of brine. Mix thoroughly and try on salt and pepper. What is missing - sprinkle.

Step 3: preparing a gas station.

First, measure the flour in a deep bowl, then add sour cream and soup ladle. Stir thoroughly and return to broth. Stir in the broth again. Now cover and bring to a boil on the same small fire. The pickle is almost ready in Polish!

Step 4: serve our pickle!

While the pickle comes, we wash the board from the remnants of vegetables, wash the greens. It must be finely chopped. As soon as the pickle began to boil - turn off. Pour the pickle in Polish on plates and sprinkle with herbs. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Instead of beef broth, you can use vegetable or mushroom, then you can get pickle in Polish, but vegetarian;

- - You can serve fresh black bread and garlic to the pickle;

- - Sour cream is best to take homemade, then the taste will be more saturated.