Salad dressing "Lemon"

Ingredients for the preparation of salad dressing "Lemon"

  1. Lemon fresh medium sized 1/2 piece
  2. Olive oil 3 tablespoons
  3. Sugar 1 pinch
  4. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main ingredientsLemon
  • Serving 1 serving


Cutting board, Knife, Juicer, Tablespoon, Deep bowl, Hand whisk or mixer, Sauce boat or small bowl, Kitchen paper towel

Preparation of salad dressing "Lemon":

Step 1: make lemon juice.

Basically, any salad dressing should have fresh ingredients of the same temperature. In our sauce, the first thing that matters is fresh lemon juice. Therefore, we need to extract citrus juice to add 1 tablespoon to lemon dressing. To do this, we need half a lemon and a juicer. So, the first thing we wash the lemon under running water. We wipe it with a kitchen paper towel so that the water does not subsequently mix with the juice. Using a knife on a cutting board, cut the ingredient into two equal parts. Squeeze the lemon juice either using a special device or simply squeeze 1/2 of the component in the hand over the plate.

Step 2: prepare the Salad dressing "Lemon".

The sauce is very easy to prepare, but oddly very tasty and without a rich aroma and taste. So, pour in a deep bowl with a tablespoon of ingredients such as olive oil and lemon juice. Add a pinch of sugar and black pepper to taste. Using a hand whisk or mixer, we begin to whip all the components of the sauce until the components mix well, lumps of pepper will not come across the walls of the dishes and, of course, sugar crystals will not remain at the bottom of the container. That's all! Salad dressing is ready!

Step 3: serve Salad dressing "Lemon".

Pour our mixture into a special saucepan or small bowl. Immediately after cooking, we serve Salad dressing to the table so that everyone can independently fill the dish. Or, as an option, pour the sauce immediately into the salad and mix everything well with a spoon and serve. Also, in addition to simple summer salads, Lemon sauce can be seasoned with a dish such as Vinaigrette, as we are usually used to doing this with sunflower or olive oil. Or in some cases, season with mayonnaise. Lemon salad dressing will improve the taste of ordinary dishes and give them an unforgettable aroma. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - For a pungent taste, a pinch of ground red pepper can also be added to Salad dressing. And to make the sauce more fragrant, instead of the usual powdered black pepper, you can add freshly ground black pepper to the components. To do this, you need a hand mortar and a few peas.

- - Lemon salad dressing can also fill fruit salads. In this case, you need to add more sugar to your taste and exclude a component such as black pepper. Spices such as cinnamon and vanilla will also be a great addition.

- - If you do not find olive oil at hand, do not be discouraged! The substitute is ordinary vegetable oil, and in the case of a dish such as Vinaigrette, vegetable oil is not refined.