Tomatoes in gelatin

Ingredients for Making Tomatoes in Gelatin

  1. Distilled water 4 liters
  2. Sugar 200 gr.
  3. Salt 120 gr.
  4. Black pepper (peas) 6 pieces
  5. Allspice (peas) 6 pieces
  6. Bay leaf 6 pieces
  7. Acetic essence (80%) 50 ml.
  8. Gelatin 1 teaspoon
  9. Red tomatoes 1.5 kg.
  10. Onions 4 medium onions
  11. Cloves to taste
  • Main Ingredients Tomato
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


Gas stove, Large pan, Glass jars (2 l.), Tin covers, Tablespoon, Cutting board, Sharp knife, Bowl, Seaming machine (manual)

Cooking tomatoes in gelatin:

Step 1: take the tomatoes.

We take ripe, red tomatoes, without visible damage. Meticulously rinse them under cold running water. Then, with a sharp knife on a cutting board, gently cut the tomatoes into lobules, thick no more than 1 cm. Put the chopped tomatoes on the side.

Step 2: take onions.

Take onions medium size. Further, we clean peel it with a knife and rinse thoroughly under cold running water. Then, with a knife on a cutting board chopped onion rings, no more than 0.7 cm. Put the chopped onion aside.

Step 3: prepare the marinade.

We take a large pot and pour distilled water into it. We put a pot of water on a gas stove and boil water over medium heat. Then, when the water boils, add sugar, salt, two peas of black pepper and allspice (peas), four bay leaf, mix thoroughly with a tablespoon and boil another 3 minutes. After which, add vinegar essence (80 %) and pre-soaked (approximately in an hour) and dissolved in 1 cup cold water gelatin. Mix everything thoroughly with a tablespoon and boil another 3 minutes.

Step 4: put the tomatoes in jars.

While the marinade is being cooked on the gas stove, we take two clean sterile jars, on the bottom of which we put on a bay leaf, on two peas of black bitter and allspice and cloves. After that, fill the jars with sliced ​​tomato slices, alternating them with onions, sliced ​​rings. Next, carefully fill infilled up shoulders tomatoes, jars of boiling marinade (just above the shoulders) Then, cover the cans with tin lids and set them sterilized on 20 minutes in a pot of boiling water. After time, carefully remove the pan from the gas stove and remove the cans from the hot water. Next, a seaming machine tightly roll cans and flip them upside down. Cool when room temperature and only after that we clean up the cellar or pantry.

Step 5: serve the tomatoes in gelatin.

You can serve tomatoes in gelatin on the table through three weeks after their preparation. They will serve as a wonderful snack on your table. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Tomatoes in the jar should be poured with marinade just above the shoulders, as the water rises during sterilization.

- - Banks are sterilized before clogging in order to prevent bacteria from entering, as this threatens with a “swollen lid” and then our work will be wasted.

- - It is important that the jars during sterilization are clean and at room temperature, otherwise, if the jars are cold, they may burst during sterilization.