Raspberry jam

Raspberry Jam Ingredients

  1. Fresh raspberries 1 kilogram
  2. Sugar 1 kilogram
  • Main ingredients raspberry
  • Serving 2 servings


Two deep bowls, Deep pan, Two sterilized half-liter glass jars, Sterilized lids for cans, Tin can, Kitchen stove, Scoop, Kitchen large spoon, Skimmer, Cloth towel or food foil or kitchen paper towel, Clothespins, Woolen blanket, Colander

Cooking Raspberry Jam:

Step 1: Prepare Raspberries

For the preparation of raspberry jam, it is necessary to take ripe whole berries. Therefore, for starters, we select a good ingredient from crumpled, spoiled and unripe berries. Raspberry is a very tender berry, so it can not be washed under running water, as, for example, we wash the same strawberries or any other berry. Therefore, we lay out the selected component in a colander and place it in a deep bowl with ordinary cold water. We leave berries in this state for 7-10 minutes. Then peel the raspberries from the sepals and transfer to another deep bowl. Pour sugar into the container and mix the ingredients with great care using a large kitchen spoon. We leave our raspberries in this state for 4-5 hoursso that she starts the juice. Attention: to prevent any dirt or midges from entering the bowl, cover the container with a towel, or food foil, or a paper towel, fixing the edges with ordinary clothespins on the sides of the dishes.

Step 2: make raspberry jam.

After the allotted time, pour the resulting juice into a deep saucepan and put on a large fire. When the raspberry sugar begins to boil, make the fire a little less and boil the juice for another 10 minutes, occasionally stirring well with a spoon. Then we make a small fire, pour the berries into the container, mix everything well again and wait for the jam to begin to boil. After that, cook the raspberry mixture yet 5 minutes. Attention: do not forget to remove the formed foam on the surface of the jam with a slotted spoon. After the allotted time, turn off the burner and put the pan in a secluded place so that the berries can cool to room temperature. It will take about 8-10 hours. And so that midges or other objects do not get into the jam, so that it does not ferment later, do not forget to cover the container with a towel or other improvised equipment. After the allotted time, we repeat the cooking procedure again: put raspberry jam on the fire again and boil it after boiling 5 minutes. This must be done so that the berries remain firm, beautiful and well saturated with syrup. After the last cooking raspberry berries turn off the burner and leave the jam aside for 1 hourso that it cools down a bit. Then, using a scoop, pour the dish into sterilized glass jars. We cover the container with sterilized lids and tightly close the raspberry jam with a can opener. We put jars of raspberries in a secluded place and cover with a woolen blanket so that the jam slowly cools down to room temperature. Already through 2-3 days You can rearrange the container in the cabinet for another preservation.

Step 3: serve raspberry jam.

Raspberry jam is primarily a cure for colds, flu especially in the cold season. Raspberry well lowers the temperature, improves mood, reduces pain in the throat with a cold. Especially if this medicinal berry is served with linden tea and lemon. And of course, raspberry jam can and should be added to pies and other pastries, homemade yogurt or kefir. After all, it is a very tender, sweet and very fragrant berry for all occasions! Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Warning: sterilized jars with lids must be placed upside down after processing so that they do not get any dirt or midges.

- - If you saw white dots on the berry before processing, do not be discouraged. The berry is not spoiled. It’s just to the taste and the larvae of the raspberry bug. Do not throw away the main ingredient of the dish, but simply get rid of the larvae. So, immerse raspberries in saline. Pour 10 grams of salt in 1 liter of water and mix well with a tablespoon until the salt is completely dissolved. Already within 10-15 minutes, the beetle larvae will float to the surface of the water. They simply need to be removed with a spoon or slotted spoon. And put raspberries in a saucepan, cover with sugar and leave in this state for 3-4 hours. Then proceed according to the recipe.

- - When sorting through raspberries, do not discard spoiled berries. From them you can cook a delicious compote or jelly.

- - The number of times you cook and infuse raspberry jam can be increased up to two times. The more we process the jam, the thicker it will turn out.

- - If you decide to immediately cook a large amount of raspberry jam, then put in a pan for cooking no more than 2 kilograms of berries. Thus, the dish will turn out more aromatic and cook faster.

- - The readiness of jam is best checked in this way: on a small saucer, drip a few drops of raspberry jam. If the raspberry liquid is thick and does not spread, then the dish is ready, and we boiled it a sufficient number of times.

- - When we add sugar to raspberries, it can be laid out in layers, alternating with berries. To do this, put a little raspberries in a pan and immediately after that sprinkle the ingredient with sugar. We perform this procedure until we have raspberries.