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Banana Cookies with Cottage Cheese

Ingredients for Cooking Banana Cookies with Cottage Cheese

  1. Oatmeal flakes 200-250 grams
  2. Curd 160 grams
  3. Wheat flour 3 tablespoons
  4. Honey 2 tablespoons
  5. Large banana 1 piece
  6. Butter 50 grams
  7. Chocolate black 70-100 grams
  • Main ingredients: Banana, Curd, Oatmeal
  • Serving 7 servings


Blender, Bowl - 4 pieces, Knife, Cutting board, Plate - 2 pieces, Turk, Kitchen stove, Kitchen gloves, Pan - 2 pieces, Sieve, Cling film, Refrigerator, Baking paper, Baking sheet, Oven, Metal bowl, Wooden spatula , Teaspoon, Wide flat serving dish

Cooking banana cookies with cottage cheese:

Step 1: prepare the oatmeal.

Oatmeal is transferred to the blender bowl and chopped to a state of oatmeal at medium speed. Then transfer to a free bowl. Attention: After making oatmeal, rinse the appliance bowl slightly under running water.

Step 2: prepare the banana.

We wash the banana under running water and using a kitchen knife, cut the stalk from a banana skin. Then manually remove the skin from our fruit and transfer the pulp to a cutting board. Using the same sharp inventory, cut the banana across into medium-sized circles, and then transfer them to the blender bowl.

Step 3: prepare the cottage cheese.

Since we will grind cottage cheese along with a banana in a blender, it does not need to be ground through a sieve. Attention: if you use cottage cheese in briquettes, then you need to shift it from the packaging into a free plate and use a knife to cut into small cubes. Then put the cottage cheese in a blender bowl, in which there is already a banana.

Step 4: prepare the honey.

To prepare cookies, you need liquid honey, so if it is sugared, it must first be melted on a fire. To do this, take a Turk, transfer the candied honey into it and heat on medium heat to a liquid state. Hot honey should cool to a temperature 35 ° -37 ° C. To do this, remove the container from the fire using a kitchen tack and set the Turk aside. Attention: any type of honey can be used to prepare our dish.

Step 5: prepare the butter.

Put the butter in a small pan and put this container on a small fire. When it is completely melted, turn off the stove, and leave it in this container so that the oil cools down to room temperature.

Step 6: prepare the flour.

Although in our cookies flour is used in very small quantities, before we add it to the dough, sift it through a small sieve into a free plate. For the preparation of our dish, it is better to use premium wheat flour and fine grinding.

Step 7: prepare the dough.

Cottage cheese and slices of bananas, which are in the blender's container, are chopped at a medium speed to a puree state.

Then pour the banana-curd mass into a free bowl, pour crushed oatmeal, sifted flour, cooled honey and melted butter. Using a tablespoon, mix well until smooth. Then knead the dough a little more with your hands, without taking it out of the bowl. Cover the bowl with the finished dough tightly with cling film and put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Step 8: prepare the chocolate.

Using a kitchen knife, cut a bar of dark chocolate into small pieces. They should be approximately the same size to evenly melt in a container on fire. Then put the chocolate pieces in a clean and dry metal bowl and melt them in a water bath. So that the steam does not penetrate the chocolate and does not spoil its consistency, it is necessary that the diameter of the neck of the bowl with chocolate coincides with the diameter of the neck of the pan with liquid. Using a wooden spatula, constantly stir the chocolate so that it melts evenly. When the chocolate pieces melt completely, turn off the fire, and pour the chocolate into a free bowl. Attention: Melting chocolate is best after baking.

Step 9: prepare banana cookies with cottage cheese.

After 1 hour, take out a bowl of dough from the refrigerator and remove the film. Form cookies from the dough with wet hands, since the dough is quite sticky. Wet hands with water, and then manually form small balls from the taken dough. 40-50 grams each one. We cover the baking sheet with baking paper and transfer the test balls to it at a small distance from each other. Bake banana cookies in a preheated oven to temperature 180 ° C. Our baking time is 25-30 minutes. When the cookies are lightly browned, turn off the oven and use the kitchen gloves to take out a baking sheet with a prepared dish from the oven. Put the cookies in a large bowl and let it cool to a temperature 35 ° -37 ° C.

Using a teaspoon, we collect the melted chocolate and pour them on top of each cookie. After that, put the cookies on a flat dish. Attention: You can decorate cookies in different ways and using various ingredients.

Step 10: serve banana cookies with cottage cheese.

We put a flat dish with amazingly delicate, tasty and aromatic cookies on the table. We treat friends and enjoy baking over a cup of aromatic tea, coffee or fruit juice.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- In addition to the proposed decorations, our cookies can also be decorated, if you wish, with ground walnuts, poppy seeds, coconut chips or dried fruits, as well as ripe berries of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries or currants.

- To prepare our dish, it is best to use ripe bananas.

- The shape of the cookies you can change. You can form it not only in the form of balls, but make it more flat.

- For the preparation of baking, you can use sweet baby cheese with vanilla.

- In addition to the listed ingredients, you can add to the dough other ingredients for baking as you wish. To make the cookie brown, just put a few teaspoons of cocoa powder in the dough.

- In addition to dark chocolate, you can use milk chocolate.