Cauliflower Salad with Pepper

Ingredients for making cauliflower salad with pepper

  1. Sweet salad pepper 2 pieces (large)
  2. Cauliflower 1 head (approximately 500 grams)
  3. Coriander 1 tablespoon
  4. Dill 1/2 teaspoon dried
  5. Ground black pepper to taste
  6. Ground allspice to taste
  7. Ground white pepper to taste
  8. Ground red pepper to taste
  9. Apple cider vinegar 50 milliliters
  10. Honey (clear May) 50 milliliters
  11. Olive oil 100 milliliters
  • Main Ingredients Cabbage, Pepper
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Cutting board, Deep bowl - 2 pieces, Stove, Deep pan, Skimmer, Deep plate, Paper kitchen towels, Tablespoon, Fork, Sterilized liter jar, Sterilized plastic lid, Refrigerator, Salad bowl

Making cauliflower salad with pepper:

Step 1: prepare the cabbage.

We take a head of cauliflower, rinse it under cold running water, shake it over the sink in order to get rid of excess liquid and use a knife for cutting vegetables, cut off the inflorescences from cabbage. If they are small we leave the inflorescences intact, and if their diameter exceeds 3 centimeters, cut each inflorescence into 2 - 3 parts. We shift the slices into a deep bowl.

Step 2: cook the cabbage.

Now turn on the stove to a strong level and put on it a deep pan, half full with ordinary running water. When the liquid boils, add salt to the container to taste and reduce the temperature of the plate to an average level. Then lower the cabbage inflorescences into boiling water and boil them after boiling water again 45 minutes. During this time, the cabbage will become softer, but it will remain elastic and retain its shape. After the required time has passed, use the slotted spoon to remove the vegetable inflorescences from the pan, transfer them back to a deep bowl and cool the cabbage to room temperature.

Step 3: prepare salad pepper.

While the cabbage is cooling down, we take a couple of pieces of sweet salad pepper, cut the stalks from the peppercorns, gut them from the seeds and wash the vegetables under cold running water. Then we dry them with paper kitchen towels, put on a cutting board and cut into strips, half rings, rings or a cube, the main thing is that the pieces do not exceed 1 centimeter. Put the slices in a deep plate.

Step 4: prepare salad dressing.

Now we start preparing the dressing, pour 50 milliliters of apple bite, 100 milliliters of olive oil, 50 milliliters of liquid, clear May honey into a deep bowl. Add to them 1/2 teaspoon of dried dill, 4 types of ground peppers, which are indicated in the ingredients and 1 tablespoon of ground coriander. We introduce a little salt, not forgetting that the cabbage was boiled in salt water, and mix all the components of the salad dressing with a fork until smooth.

Step 5: bring the salad to full readiness.

In a bowl to the cooled cabbage, add chopped pepper and mix the vegetables with a tablespoon until a homogeneous consistency. Then, with clean hands, we ram them into a sterilized liter jar and fill the products with salad dressing.

It should completely cover the vegetables, if refueling is small, you can add a little vegetable broth from cabbage to the jar. Now close the container with an almost ready salad with a sterilized plastic lid and put it in the refrigerator on 30 minutesbut better on 8 - 12 hours the taste of the salad will only benefit from this.

Step 6: serve the cauliflower salad with pepper.

Cauliflower salad with pepper is served chilled or at room temperature. After insisting, it is transferred to a deep salad bowl and served to the table as a snack or addition to any hot dishes. Optionally, before serving, the salad can be supplemented with chopped olives, olives or finely chopped greens of dill, parsley, cilantro, as well as green onions. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If desired, vegetables and herbs such as parsley, cilantro, garlic, hot salad pepper or chopped young carrots can be added to salad dressing.

- It is better to cook a dressing with freshly ground spices, it can also be supplemented with such dried spices as celery, ginger, basil, mint and cloves.

- Instead of olive oil, you can use refined sunflower oil or corn.

- Do not forget that in the world, in addition to beneficial bacteria, there are also harmful bacteria, so you should prepare and insist on salad in previously washed, sterilized containers.

- Cabbage can not be boiled, but steamed in a double boiler for 10 minutes.