Kefir pork skewers

Ingredients for making pork kebab in kefir

  1. Pork (loin, neck or tenderloin) 2 kg
  2. Kefir 1 L
  3. Onions 3-4 pcs
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Spices (five peppers mix) to taste
  • Main ingredients: Pork, Onion, Kefir


Knife, Cutting board, Deep plate or bowl, Skewer, Barbecue, Refrigerator, Glass or enamelled large bowl, Paper kitchen towels

Cooking pork kebab in kefir:

Step 1: prepare the pork.

To prepare a delicious juicy kebab of pork, you need to choose the right piece of meat. Therefore, we prefer either the neck, or the loin, or the tenderloin - these parts are considered the most suitable. When choosing meat, pay attention to its smell and color. If possible, you can check the pork for freshness by simply pressing the pulp with your finger. If she did not recover after some time, then the meat is not fresh. And yet, it is better to buy chilled pork and immediately start cooking kebabs.

So, the selected piece of meat, before cutting, is better Rinse under running water and then dry with paper kitchen towels or napkins. After that, we lay the pork on a cutting board and cut first across the fibersand then lengthwise into pieces of a preferably square shape. This cut will ensure uniform frying of the meat. For optimal cooking time, the size of the pieces should be approximately from 3 to 5 centimeters. Sliced ​​pieces of pork are transferred to a glass or enamel bowl.

Step 2: chop the onion.

Now go to the onion. We do not regret it for the preparation of barbecue, because it gives additional juiciness to our dish. Therefore, we select bulbs of medium or large size, remove the husk and rinse under cold running water. Then we shift the onion onto a cutting board and cut into beautiful rings, half rings, or just chop it very finely. The chopped vegetable is placed in a bowl for meat.

Step 3: pickle the meat in kefir.

Next, add spices to taste and with clean hands or a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until smooth.

After pouring our pork with kefir, mix again and close the bowl with a lid or cling film. Put the meat in the fridge to marinate on 48 hours, and preferably all night, so the kebab is definitely well marinated and it turns out delicious.
With the passage of the necessary time, we get the meat from the refrigerator, now it remains to salt it. Important: salt add approximately in 20 - 30 minutes before frying.

Step 4: prepare the barbecue.

Shish kebab is prepared on the grill, but you can improvise and build it from stones, but without coals you can’t go anywhere. Therefore, we are waiting for when the firewood is burned out or we purchase ready-made coals in the store, which can only be poured into the fire, mixed and heated. Which option you like best, decide for yourself.

So, the meat was marinated, the barbecue with coals is ready - it's time to move on to frying the barbecue. We string pieces of meat on skewers, while if you chopped onions into small pieces, it is better to remove them from the meat, otherwise, while the pork is being cooked, they will have time to burn. Carefully lay the skewers with pork on the grill and begin to fry. We cook kebabs from pork to a delicious brownish crust, and so that the pieces are evenly fried, do not forget to periodically turn the skewer.
You can find out if the meat has been cooked in the center in a very simple way: we cut the largest piece with a knife and look if clear juice flows out, then you can remove the kebabs from the grill, and if reddish, we cook for a few more minutes. Important: barbecue should be cooked over the heat emanating from coal, and not from open fire.

Step 5: serve the pork kebab in kefir.

Remove the hot, fragrant pork slices from the skewers and place them in a beautiful serving plate. Garnish with fresh sprigs of parsley, dill or green onions and serve with vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. As an aperitif, alcoholic drinks, for example, vodka or cognac, as well as various juices or compotes are suitable. Kefir pork kebab is ready!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Kebabs should not be cooked on the coals of mountain ash, thuja, spruce, aspen, poplar and some other trees. The meat absorbs their aromas and is not very tasty.

- If, after pickling, you still have the marinade, you can water them with pork slices during the preparation of the barbecue.

- As an addition to delicious pork kebabs, you can cook a delicious appetizer of vegetables and dough.

- For the preparation of pork skewers, spices such as sage, coriander, basil, ginger, anise, as well as a mixture of Italian herbs are often used.